Mike van Fabio

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Mike van Fabio

Mike is young music producer and remixer who was born 6th of December 1991 in Poznan, in Poland. He started to listen trance when he was 6. He fell in love with "Fable" and "Children" produced by Robert Miles. When he was 12, he started learning how to play his favorite songs on simple electronic keyboard.

In 2008 he decided to make his own music like Hard-Trance, Dance but mainly progressive and uplifting Trance. In 2009 he started releasing his tracks.

In 2010 he changed his style and concentrated on producing Trance. He tries to get better and better with producing music by all this time. Supported by artists like Suzzy Solar, Angel Ace, Joe Shadows and Alpha Force, tries to get higher.

Mike's dream is to hear his track in FSOE, ASOT or TATW show - this is one of his purposes.